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Ceramic Window Tinting


Starting at $400


Removal +$150

Starting at $800


Removal +$200

Oversized Vehicles

Starting at $550


Removal +$175


Visor Strip


Ceramic Coat Exterior Windows 

Starting At $150


Starting at $650


Removal +$200


My Promise To You.

After receiving installation of your window film, We promise a 3-4 week call back guarantee to fix bubbles, creases, contaminants or defects caused by installation

With 5 years experience, I have learned there is no job too small, so weather you want your entire house tinted or just a single window, we guarantee our work to be pristine, so give us a call!

Automotive Window Tint Film

Ready to give your car extra protection and style? Our Automotive Window Tinting service is the solution you've been looking for. Protect your vehicle's interior from damaging UV rays while also reducing heat through our high-quality tinting. Our team of professionals will ensure a perfect application, giving your car the added customization it deserves. Contact us to get started today.


Window tinting isn't just about privacy and aesthetics; it's also about preserving the life of your car's interior. Over time, the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays can cause your car's upholstery to fade, crack, and even become discolored. Our window films are designed to block out up to 99% of UV rays, which helps to prevent the harmful effects of the sun on your car's interior. Protect your investment and extend the life of your vehicle by investing in high-quality window tinting from Pristine Window Tinting today.

UV Rays

Auto window tint can block up to 99% of damaging UV rays. Not only does it protect your interior, but it protects you and your passengers as well.


Did you know that tinted windows can block up to 40% of exterior heat from getting inside your vehicle? Our window tinting services offer you a cooler and more comfortable driving experience, even in the most extreme temperatures. Plus, it reduces the need for air conditioning and helps your car stay cooler while parked, keeping your interior and electronics in better condition. Let our experienced technicians help you find the perfect tint for your vehicle today.


Auto window film will help reduce glare and improve your visibility while driving, making it even more safe to operate your vehicle.


Enjoy the look and feel of being in your own private world. Auto window tint limits the amount that others can see into your vehicle, giving you more privacy.

Product Guarantee

With a lifetime guarantee from the tint manufacturer Lexen Tint you know that you are receiving the best, high-quality product that is on the market. Lexen Tint represents the best the industry has to offer.

Contact us today and see what we can do for you!

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