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Windshield Chip Repair


We’ve all been there—you’re driving down the highway and suddenly your vehicle is struck by an airborne rock, leaving a small yet very pesky chip in your pristine windshield. The chip is relatively small, and if you crane your neck, it’s not totally in your line of sight. You don’t need to repair it now, right? Wrong.

Even a small windshield chip can become a big windshield problem if left in disrepair. Exposed to the elements, a windshield chip can become impacted with dirt, making it more difficult or even impossible to repair. If water penetrates the chip, the windshield can become foggy. Save time and money while keeping safe on the road.

When to Repair or Replace

A windshield with a chip less than one inch (25 mm) in diameter is usually a viable candidate for windshield chip repair. If you have multiple windshield chips or a chip and crack, your local Glass Doctor will assess the structural integrity of the windshield. If your windshield is deemed to be structurally unsafe, we will recommend a full replacement. As a rule of thumb, the sooner you seek windshield chip repair, the more likely the repair is to be successful.

Is your windshield chip bigger than one inch in diameter? In that case we can get you in contact our brother company Leger Auto Glass.

Wondering if you can fix it yourself

Sure, you can patch your chipped windshield but a better question is, should you? The Pristine specialists use high-quality and specialized glass tools to complete each job—tools not commonly used in home repair. Without these tools, it’s difficult to ensure the chip is sufficiently filled and that the glass is polished to a smooth finish. Save your sanity and your windshield’s integrity with affordable windshield repair from Pristine Mobile Auto Spa. 

Chip Repair Pricing

1 Chip-

2 Chips-

3 Chips-

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